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SCOM 2007 DNS MP script failures and WMI Probe failure messages

Since implementing the DNS Management Pack in our SCOM environment I have been getting tons of script failure messages and WMI Probe failure messages on all my DNS servers.  It essentially made the DNS MP useless.  After doing some research it appears to only affect Windows 2003 DNS servers and more specifically DNS servers that are running on DCs.  Windows 2008 DNS servers are not affected by this.  The events/alerts were similar to these:

Script or Executable Failed to run
Log Name: Operations Manager
Source: Health Service Modules
Event Number: 21405
The process started at 4:22:391 AM failed to create System.Discovery.Data, no errors detected in the output. The process exited with 0
Command executed: “C:\WINDOWS\system32\cscript.exe” /nologo “DNS2003Discovery.vbs”

WMI Probe Module Failed Execution
Log Name:  Operations Manager
Source:  Health Service Modules
Event Number:  10409
Object enumeration failed
Query: ‘Select EventLogLevel from MicrosoftDNS_Server’
HRESULT: 0x80041001
Details: Generic failure
One or more workflows were affected by this.
Workflow name: Microsoft.Windows.DNSServer.2003.Monitor.ServerLoggingLevel

After applying every Windows 2003 WMI update I could find I found this post.  It seems there is is a bug in the Windows 2003 WMI service that Microsoft is not fixing.  Following the steps in his blog post (or downloading the custom MP from his post) fixed the issue for me.  I have not seen a single alert generated since implementing that.

So if you are running the DNS MP and using Windows 2003 DNS servers I recommend adding this to one of your Custom MPs.  Microsoft should either adopt this into the DNS MP themselves or something similar as the current DNS MP is useless on Windows 2003 without it.

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