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Outlook 2010 Mailbox Cleanup wizard does not display after mailbox quota has been exceeded

September 12, 2011 3 comments

Sorry for the long wordy title but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this post.

When we migrated from Office 2003 to Office 2010 earlier this year one issue we ran into with Outlook 2010 was with the Mailbox Cleanup wizard.  In Outlook 2003 when a user exceeded their mailbox quota and tried to send a an email the Mailbox Cleanup wizard would be displayed.  This made it very obvious to them that they could not send anymore email until they archived or deleted some email.  In Outlook 2010 the only indication our users were getting was an error message in the Outlook status bar and messages staying in the Outbox.  You had to double click the error icon to get the cryptic error message that most users did not understand.    It was nice that Outlook displayed the information but unless you were looking right at the status bar it was really easy to miss it.

We tried different settings in the registry but we could not get the Mailbox Cleanup wizard to be displayed.  It wasn’t that the users wanted the wizard (they could just as easily run it from the File menu) it was that is made it really obvious to them that they were over their limit and if they wanted to keep sending emails they better clean some old email out.  The new notification was really a step back for them.

As it turns out the issue only affects Outlook 2010 when connected to an Exchange 2003 server. Under Exchange 2007 or 2010 this was not an issue or so I am told because I don’t have an Exchange 2007/2010 server to test against.

Well Microsoft finally released a fix for this.  The August 2011 Outlook 2010 hotfix package fixes the issue.  From the notes

“Assume that an Outlook 2010 mailbox reaches its size limit on an Exchange Server 2003 server. When you try to send an email message in Outlook 2010 that is in cached mode, the email message stays in the Outbox and the Mailbox Cleanup wizard does not start.”

Hopefully this helps out someone else with the same issue.

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