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DISM GUI moved to GitHub

February 19, 2018 2 comments

With the shutdown of Codeplex I have moved the source code and download for DISM GUI to GitHub.  No changes have been made to the source code and only the last release of DISM GUI is available.

I have not had time to update DISM GUI in the past few years due to other responsibilities.  Maybe I will be able to get back to it someday but right now I don’t see that happening soon.


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DISM GUI 4.0 Beta Available

September 25, 2014 49 comments

It’s been a long time coming but I finally got around to updating my DISM GUI program to version 4.0.  I am treating this release as a beta as I have not had a chance to fully test everything yet.  You can find the download on the DISM GUI GitHub site.

A few of the changes I implemented in this version

  • The .NET framework 4.0 is now required.  The previous version required 2.0.
  • Updated for DISM 6.3.  This version may work with older releases of DISM but some feature may not be available.
  • Added Capture and Apply tabs – This was the single most requested feature.  Requires DISM 6.2 or higher
  • Added a Read Only option to the mount control tab
  • Corrected some spelling errors

This version *should* run under WinPE however I have not tested it yet.  If anyone has success running it under WinPE make sure to leave a comment.

DISM GUI 3.5 Released

February 13, 2013 18 comments

It’s been almost a year since the last release but I just uploaded DISM GUI 3.5 to the Codeplex site this morning.  It contains a few background bug fixes and a few new features.  For this version I have kept it compatible with the Windows 7 WAIK and DISM version.

  • Added Edition Servicing tab
  • Added the ability to apply and unattend file
  • Added application servicing tab

It’s not a major release but adds most of the features available in the Windows 7 DISM program.  You will notice that there is no “online” functionality to allow it to operate on the running OS.  That is something I had planned to put in but was proving hard than I thought with the current version.  I’m hoping to include that in version 4.0

Speaking of version 4.0.  I don’t have a timeframe to release it yet but I do have some of the features planned.

  • Online mode – Allow DISM to be used against the currently running OS.
  • Windows ADK compatibility – The next version will rely on the Windows ADK and DISM version included in it.
  • WinPE compatibility – I am planning on making the next version work inside WinPE.
  • Powershell backend – This one is still up in the air but I may convert the backend to the new Powershell cmdlets instead of relying on DISM.exe.
      There might be more features added but this is what I am planning now.  If you have a suggestion add it to the



Codeplex DISM site

DISM GUI 4.0 Feature Requests

February 20, 2012 60 comments

I’ve just started working on version 4 of DISM GUI and honestly I don’t know what features of DISM to add.  So I’m asking the community for some help here.

  • What features of DISM that you use often are missing from the GUI?
  • What changes to the graphical interface would you suggest?
  • Do you use DISM in online mode?  If so would having an online mode be a useful feature to add?

Most of my work with DISM GUI revolves around managing drivers and features but I understand my use case is not the same as everyone else’s.  I’ve tried to add what the I felt were the most used features of DISM to the application.  Leave some feedback here or head on over to the Codeplex site and leave your suggestion there.

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DISM GUI is now on CodePlex

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

I have finally created a CodePlex project for DISM GUI.  The latest version (3.1) can be found on the CodePlex site as well as the source code for what will eventually be version 4.0.  So for anyone that wants to see the inner workings (and my sloppy code) of DISM GUI head on over to CodePlex to take a look.  If you are interested in helping out with the development contact me through the Codeplex site.

From now on I will be keeping all releases of DISM GUI on the CodePlex site and remove it from my Skydrive account. 

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November 30, 2011 24 comments

**An Updated version of DISM GUI can be found here**

Version 3.1 of DISM GUI is ready for download.  No major changes in this just a few background changes and 2 usability updates based on feedback I received.

  • Added a confirmation dialog box to the exit button.  Now if you accidently click Exit you will be prompted to confirm exiting the program.
  • The WIM location and path can now handle quotes in the text box.
      I’m working on cleaning up the code and eventually turning this into a Codeplex project.  I really haven’t had a lot of time to work on it lately but hopefully early next year I can start on it. If you are interested in contributing to the Codeplex project when it goes live contact me
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June 24, 2011 16 comments

**An Updated version of DISM GUI can be found here**

Version 3.0 of DISM GUI is ready for download.  I’ve done a lot of background changes to this version and implemented a few more of the DISM features.  Some highlights of the changes.

  • Added this blog URL to the About screen.
  • Implemented all the options for the Package and Feature Management of DISM.
  • Cleaned up a lot of the background code.  Adding new features in the next release will be easier.
  • Removed word wrap from the output window and made the entire output window larger.
  • Implemented the remove driver functionality.
  • Added the ability to set the recurse function for drivers instead of forcing it every time.

These are just a few highlights.  In the next version I plan on adding the unattended servicing options as well as the WinPE options.  If you have a suggestion or feedback leave a comment below or contact me through the About tab up top.

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December 22, 2010 6 comments
**Update** There is a new version of the DISM GUI that can be found in this post

Version 2.0 of my DISM GUI is ready for download.  I’ve made many changes to the interface and internal workings of this version.  Some highlights of the changes.

  • You can now open the DISM.log file from the tools menu
  • The DISM Command line that was run is also shown in the output window
  • DISM now runs in the background thread and a progress bar is displayed while it runs.  This prevents the application from displaying a blank command prompt while it runs.
  • Added the ability to inject drivers into a mounted WinPE WIM files. DISM GUI will read all INF files in the folder and inject them into the WIM.  I did not give the option to choose a single INF file.  Also the /recurse switch is always used.
  • Added the ability to run Cleanup WIM and Get Mounted WIM information from the GUI.
  • You can now display the WIM information in the output window before mounting a WIM.

These are just a few of the improvements.  Most of my work involves working with WinPE images so I focused on the features of DISM that support that.  If you have a suggestion or feedback leave a comment below or contact me through the About tab up top.

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October 25, 2010 1 comment

**Update** There is a new version of the DISM GUI that can be found in this post.

Have you ever worked with DISM for some basic WIM management and thought this would be much easier with a GUI interface?  I had heard a while back that Microsoft would eventually come out with a GUI DISM utility but I got tired of waiting.

The command line is fine for writing scripts and managing lots of WIM files but I often found myself using DISM in sparingly.  Usually there is weeks or even months in between uses so I would often forget the syntax.

So this is a quick and dirty GUI I put together for automating some of the command lines for DISM.  Right now it only allows you to mount and discount WIM files but I plan on expanding it’s functionality in the future.



This may work on Vista SP2 but I don’t have a Vista machine with the WAIK installed on to test it with.  If you try it on Vista and it works leave me a comment and let me know.

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