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Setting Mandatory Applications by Task Sequence in MDT 2010

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Hopefully this helps someone else out there and I’m not the only one that caught by this.

I recently had the need to set mandatory applications based on Task Sequences in our deployments.  Even though I had not done that before I expected it would not be that difficult and after some Googling Binging I found Chris Nacker’s article on this.

It looked pretty straightforward but one thing threw me off.  When you get to the screen to select your applications the applications you specify as mandatory will not be checked in the wizard screens.  This is because the CustomSettings.ini file is processed by the ZTIGather script before the wizard screens are displayed. Since your Task Sequence has not been chosen yet that variable is not set and the ZTIGather script does not process that section of the CustomSettings.ini.  Once you begin your Task Sequence the CustomSettings.ini file is processed again and the applications are made mandatory.

If you place your applications in a section of the CustomSettings.ini (such as Model or Default)  that gets processed before the wizard runs they will show as checked with no option to uncheck them. 

So just remember just because they aren’t checked doesn’t mean they won’t be made mandatory.

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VMware Workstation network drivers for WinPE

November 4, 2010 4 comments

I’ve recently begun using VMware Workstation to test image deployments with MDT 2010 and immediately ran into an issue with the default NIC that VMware Workstation 7 uses. 

When you create a new VM and use the XP profile it defaults to using an emulated AMD PCNet NIC.  If you choose a Windows Vista or 7 profile it defaults to using an emulated Intel e1000 NIC.  None of my MDT LiteTouch images included the AMD driver so I had to go searching for it.  I didn’t find the drivers on VMware’s site but I did find it on AMD’s site here.

Once you download the extract the drivers open up your Deployment Workbench.  Import them into your Out-of-Box drivers into the correct folder (You are using folders in MDT 2010 right?).


Don’t forget to rebuild your Deployment Share to regenerate your WinPE images.


Now just import the WinPE images into your PXE server or update your boot CD.  You can now boot your LiteTouch image on a VMware Workstation 7 VM.

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